Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Downtown Chic

I checked out this "design your house" type book from the library and I can't stop going through it, reading every word and memorizing each room and style. Normally i think it's all good and fun to browse through these design books but i usually stop at browsing. Never had I brought one home before, mostly because i'm not in any position to be redecorating or even thinking about it, but i had to with this one. it's absolutely fabulous. One thing I like most about it is the text. They include stories about each house they worked on and good tips, useful ones for someone who is looking to make major/small changes to their home. It's written by a couple who live in NY, who got their designing start by doing it all on their own for their own house. They bought a condemned building in NY and totally redid it. I couldn't be more jealous of a house in my life, although the same could be said for any of the houses they worked on.
You can go to their site to see some more of their stuff, but here are just a few samples that i LOVE LOVE LOVE.

First of all, who wouldn't want their very own basketball court? and if you live in NY or another city where houses are wall to wall with each other and no yards, wouldn't it be great to have one on top of the house? how fun!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the girls room. Probably my most favoritest thing in the room are the framed flowers on the wall. i would love that! just think how it would perk up your day, and everyone would definitely notice and comment on it.
I also loved the pool. One of things i love about is there is not diving board just the deck next to it. In the book they show this house and a picture of all of their kids holding hands and jumping off the deck into the pool together, it's a priceless photo.

Anyway, just had to show you something that I'm totally and completely obsessed with at the moment.

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  1. i saw a few other blogs that commented on this book a while ago and kept thinking that i had to find a copy! thanks for the reminder, i'm glad it's as amazing as everyone makes it out to be. someday i'm sure you'll have the cutest's bound to happen.