Thursday, August 6, 2009

a lot of things, including me being a disgrace.

okay, so remember the pants i ordered?

(first of all they fit okay. someone at work told me they looked good on, so far i'm not completely convinced but i like the pants themselves so much i may just keep them)
and then remember the movie "Funny Face" and the pants she wore?

I don't mind that they are the same or look the same, but the point i'm going to make is that i also remember when GAP had those pants a few years back. does anyone remember that? I have a feeling biggest sister bought them. I distinctly remember the commercial for them of Audrey doing her dance. it is a sad thing for me to worry that crew copied GAP, but then of course the crew's are better.

okay, the other part. I'm a complete disgrace. I'm pretty sure my blog is turning into a blog only about things i want. which is sad because i don't want everyone to think i'm totally and completely materialistic. it's just easy when i have access to a discount that good and am surrounded by such cute clothes all the time.
but anyway, i want these:

I'm thinking they would be oh so cute with some long knee highs sticking out of them.

Which brings me to the other thing. All throughout the new fall crew catalog the models are wearing socks with whatever shoes they have on. At first it was disgusting, wayyy too 80s for me. but then, they started to grow on me. and i'll always love tights, thigh highs and knee highs but now i'm kind of wanting these:

Also, I got the new Nordys catalog today, i won't even go there. (at least for this post)

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  1. Yes, you're right, the Gap did do them a few years ago. Still have em, too, but you're also right that the Crew's are SO much cuter. And PS, I love the twisty cardi!