Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Goals for the Year

Here, finally, are my goals for the new year:

-Read 3 books each month (minimum) -one adult, one young adult, and one children's (chapter) book (with a blog review/update each month of the books)
-Cook 2 to 3 dinner meals each week (with enough for leftovers the next days lunch or dinner)
- Find physical activity that I love and pursue it frequently (every other day). Attend barre classes every other day with the additional workout (strength training or run) on the weekend, for at least the next few months
-Have a full time job with benefits by my birthday
-Complete at least one cross stitch this year, have it framed
-Complete at least one painting this year
-Complete at least one drawing this year

Addendum: Right now I love barre classes, and feel they are doing great things for me. However, I really am just on the search for physical activity I thoroughly enjoy and after 6 months I may be all barred out, you know? Right now though, I am really enjoying them.

Before, when I've come up with new year's resolutions they tend to be big projects, but I always come away disappointed that I wasn't able to live up to all my expectations. I feel like these are truly attainable but also good achievements for myself. Before my last semester's art class it had been years since I had drawn or painted, so I think one of each this year will be a good, attainable and achievable goal. I am really excited about the reading goal, now that I'm out of school I can finally finish books I have started and dig into my long list of books I want to read, like, finally tackling Anna Karenina.

So far I have read all but my young adult book for the month and read two children's chapter books; made a delicious beef stroganoff last week and yesterday I made some amazingly simple and delicious almost paleo chili last night (recipe coming up).

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