Monday, May 21, 2012


Last night a little, tiny, annoying bug found it's way into my left ear. I'm pretty sure it was just a gnat, but when we looked through a magnifying glass my nephew said it looked like a spider; but I think I'll maintain that it was a gnat.

Anyway, just in case you ever have a bug in your ear, this is what you do (if you can't/don't want to go to the hospital): First you want to lay your head down with your "bugged ear" facing up, then you want to drip in some baby, mineral or olive oil (if you don't have either of these I think some water would be okay). The oil will kill the bug and stop it from moving around (possibly the worst sensation ever). Then you want to flush your ear with warm water, this will hopefully flush the bug out. My dad used a sort of syringe thing (took the needle off) to squirt the water in. You have to watch for the bug carefully because it can be hard to see it come out (we were almost ready to go to a clinic because we couldn't see it anywhere).  After my Dad was about ready to give up I lifted my head off the towel in hopes he had missed it, I almost did to.

I read online that bugs usually aren't able to make their way back out of your ear on their own. Although, I did read a few testimonies of people who said that after they shined a flash light the bug came out (but I think all of those cases involved cockroaches). Also, it said to not wait too long because a frantic bug can cause serious problems (someone said their jaw was hurting a lot, weird).


  1. Oh gads. This gives me the willies. Someone had a cockroach in their ear?! THE HORROR!

  2. great advice I hope never to need - but you never know there are lots of bugs where we are going.