Thursday, October 6, 2011

Weekend Update

This weekend was full of fall fabulousness. On Friday I had this whole big plan for Jason and I to ride the tram at Snowbird and then hike down. Jason ate while I drove (and was paying more attention to the burger than where I was going) and apparently Snowbird is NOT in Park City. I repeat Snowbird is NOT in Park City, so now you know. Instead we rode the chair lift at the Park City resort and then hiked down. It was really beautiful there and last year we didn't go up the canyon to see the fall leaves and I really regretted it.

Jason suddenly became very scowly, and as you can see in the next picture, slouchy.
 I am smiling here, but then Jason decided that he wanted to take billions of pictures of me and then this is eventually what they ended up looking like
There were a lot of squirrels, and at one point Jason and I sat watching one for a few minutes. But after Jason said that we had actually been watching it for an hour but that it only seemed like a few minutes for me.

The next day, Saturday, my family traveled up to Logan and Brigham city. In Logan Zollinger's farm has the BEST apple juice/cider ever. It's pretty much drinking a straight apple. In Brigham city we dined at the fabulous Idle Isle Cafe. If you ever go to Brigham city and need a meal definitely go here. It's pretty much just comfort food, chicken fried steak, BLT's and the like, but their rolls are so good. And don't forget their pie, it's worth it just for the pie. My family loves the Banana Cream and the Idle Berry (there is such a thing as an idle berry). Then we continue on down the road where all the berry stands are and stop at Pettingill's where you'll find the best raspberry shake and delicious fruit and veggies.

What a fun weekend. Next week is Fall Break and we have some fun plans, I'll definitely be posting more then.

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