Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pendleton Messenger Bag

I would enjoy either of these bags immensely (the middle one is my fav, obvi)

All three are from Pendleton and I can only imagine the possibilities associated with these bags. I feel like with one of these bags my personality would totally transform, and I'd be cool. At least, I'd feel cool. I can honestly say that I've never wanted a messenger bag so badly in my life.

While thinking about myself owning one of these bags I can also see myself carrying it around whilst wearing a chunky scarf, maybe some boots sipping a soy chai and thinking that I can't wait to get to school (which is something I never think).

During that contemplation I realize my reasoning for owning this bag. I'd be excited to go to school and use it. Any bag that makes you want to go to school (wearing a chunky scarf and sipping a soy chai of course) is worth purchasing, don't you think? My future, graduated self will thank me.

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