Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Weekend Update

(I like SNL's weekend update, that is what I'm calling my weekend pic posts)

The top picture is an entry in the creative arts section at the Utah State Fair. It would have won our special "worst craft" award except that would be a "special needs category" rule breaker. A very creepy "felted vessel" (felt vase?) with a face at the bottom probably won, no picture though. The second two pics are also from the Fair at Jungle George's booth where you can get a maggot melt (pictured) as well as a chocolate covered cricket (not pictured but shared with Dad) and python and yak and all sorts of crazy things I wish I was brave enough to try. The bottom pictures show my very first plant! Woo! It's a tiny fern that kind of looks like moss but it's very cute and I now have something living in my apartment besides myself and the times when Boyf is there. The last picture is of henna on my hand that I had painted on at the Eid Al-Fitr festival at the Library this past Saturday.

All in all it was a filling weekend and that wasn't even all I did. I had a great first attempt at an ipod dance party (you know the old ipod commercials with the silhouettes dancing awesomely? Well we attempted to have everyone synced up with a play-list and then dance with our ipods, head phones in, it was fun, need to iron out the kinks).

Also on Thursday (which is not a day in the weekend, I know) I had a nasty spill off my bike, RUINED my jeans and definitely ruined my knee. I have a lovely purple bruise all around it as well as a nasty scab and it still hurts to put weight on it. Definitely reminded me I might need a helmet when I bike around.

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