Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Land of Nod

The Land of Nod

The Land of Nod is CB2's Children's line. CB2 is a pretty cool furniture and home decor company and I wish we had a store here in SL. I can't really afford any of their furniture right now, but I know that in my future home I will most likely have one of their sofas at the very least.

Anyhow, The Land of Nod is adorable. It's Pottery Barn Kids times 1,000! I'm one of those people that finds extreme joy in children's things such as stuffed animals, kids furniture, play rooms and toys. After checking out the website I put myself on the catalog mailing list and boy and I glad and mad at myself for doing that. I LOVE everything in the catalog but I WANT to BUY everything in the catalog. Never have I wanted a lunch box more in my life than after flipping through the pages, nor a rocking chair. Here are all the things I really want right now (I didn't post any of the wall art because then this post would be a mile long).

As soon as I saw the rug (especially when they have it displayed in a room in the catalog) I immediately wanted to buy it. Too bad it's, like, $200. Unfortunately the rug will have to wait. And so will the armchair rocker, but the lunchbox and stegosaurus pillow may be mine in the coming future.

Seriously though, I am considering the rocker as one of my major purchases in the coming years. Who needs a baby to have a rocker? Not me. But for the record, when I do have a baby, this is where all of my things will come from. Let's hope and pray that I'm rich enough to afford all this by then, either that, or I'll be adopting a baby when I'm 70 and have saved up for a room from here.

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