Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Things

A few new things:

1) New newphew as of yesterday! Hooray! Holland David Watts. Pics. to come.

2) I'm now the proud owner of a macbook. It's taken me forev. to get a lappy, and I couldn't be more thrilled to watch movies in bed, check facebook in class and all the goodness that comes with having a lappy.

3) Since I bought my lappy from a friend and didn't have to spend as much as I thought, I had some money left over to treat myself to some highly coveted Raybans.

4) I'm pretty much obsessed with swimsuits. I have only got one new one for this summer but just about everyday I look at them online, imagining what I would look like in them, how much fun I could have wearing them, and swimming in them. I think that today I may spring for another, I just have to pick ONE.

5) I'm pretty excited about these new things. With my Rayban shades, and new lappy, i feel pretty cool. and just imagine how i'll feel poolside in a new swimsuit with my Raybans.

1 comment:

  1. seriously some exciting new things. I have lately been obsessed with swimsuits lately too. Dont you wish they were like really cheap and we could buy tons of them and wear a new one each time you went to the pool? wow.