Friday, April 10, 2009

giving up

So it's been a little over a week since my last diet coke/soda. i was, and still am seriously addicted to diet coke. I was to the point of having at least one every day, and my discount at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory of $1 for the mega-jumbo size fountain drink was definitely not helping ANY.

A girl at work informed me of how bad soda is for you. She said that soda absorbs calcium and that if a person only stopped drinking soda (replacing it with water, not juices) and didn't change any other habits in the span of a year they would lose up to 12 lbs. TWELVE! I decided that I probably need all the calcium I can get because I'm not really a milk person.

To kick the habit I got some of those crystal light water bottle packets and that's not so bad, although I guess I'm cheating since it's not just straight up water, but it's an improvement right?

So far it's been going well, except I find myself constantly thirsty. hmmm.....

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