Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Zions and the Grand Canyon

Last week I had the time of my life with my greatest friends in Zions and at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. These two pictures were taken during our hike in the Narrows at Zions. It was definitely my favorite hike of the trip and these are probably my two favorite pictures. Everyone in our group is in the two pictures save one (Hannah). I had such a fantastic time with my friends, getting to know each of them better and being totally emerged in the beautiful world we live in. I honestly could not even believe there are actual places that are as beautiful as what I saw in Zions and The Grand Canyon, it's truly amazing what beauty there is in the world. If you need a suggestion for a good camping trip I highly recommend the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The campsites were fabulous (very nice bathrooms) and the weather was amazing!

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  1. Cool pictures and trip. And I'm glad you only got a little rained on. The Grand Canyon is pretty crazy.