Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I honestly thought I would never go through my bunny phase again but here I am. When I was little I wanted a bunny with all my heart (I guess I never really got it out of me) so much, one time I remember my parents taking me to a pet store to get something other than a bunny, but nothing would suffice and no, we didn't get a bunny.
Last week a little girl returned a bunch of "small pet" books to the library and I couldn't stop myself from looking through them and seeing all the cute pictures. I came across a bunny section and I've totally got bunny fever. I have decided upon a lop-eared bunny. They are so cute, and these (shown above) are a few I've considered (at least from the many I found on google, and don't even try to tell me you couldn't cuddle up with one of these). As I was reading about the care of bunnies I also found out how sociable they can be. In fact once they become accustomed to a particular person they will often just follow them around. How adorable is that? Just think if I had any of these bunnies and they could be hopping behind me at home.
Back to reality. I have a feeling if I came home with a bunny my family would not appreciate it. Also Csucs, our dog, would definitely not get along with another pet, I can not imagine her willingly sharing attention.
It's still fun to dream of owning a cute lop-eared bunny. Coming home from school or work and letting it out of it's cage and having it follow me around my home.

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  1. I could totally see you with some little bunny hopping around after you. There's a goal for you to shoot for. Cutest! You know, Grandma C had a bunny for a short time... don't know whatever happened to it though.