Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Week 4

I feel like I am failing majorly lately. I don't have much to update. The last time I weighed myself, last Tuesday, I had lost .1 lb. And I haven't weighed myself this week. I think the hardest part of this "journey" is staying motivated after a rough patch. I didn't splurge on boyfriends birthday, something I was a little nervous of, but I didn't do practically any meal planning last week. Plus, we had two children in the house and the only food that was made was kid friendly i.e. macaroni and cheese.

This week has been okay (although there is plenty of time to screw it up, or maintain). Today hasn't been amazing, but I did okay yesterday and Sunday I was pretty good. A few weeks ago I had an awesome avocado egg salad wrap. It's really tasty and a major cut back on the usual mayo dominated meal. Yeah, there is still a little mayo, but it's not too much, plus you can always use vegenaise and then some curry, although I used some dijon mustard. I found the recipe from this blog. I really like her blog and I've tried my had at a few of her recipes. Here's a picture of her wrap (because I deleted mine already, but it was on instagram if you want to go back through my pics and see what it looked like).
So, I've never actually hard boiled an egg for myself, my mom often boils a bunch and I take from that stash. Last summer I bought Martha Stewart's Cooking Lessons book and it's pretty extensive and has just about anything in it you think you might need to know, including cooking eggs. Her method says to place the eggs in a sauce pan with enough water to cover an inch, bring to a boil then take off heat for 13 minutes and transfer to ice water. I did this. And.....they were only soft boiled. What I'm trying to say is that I didn't have this for lunch today. I had some edamame and avocado with tortilla chips (not awesome). So....I did some internetting and found a method that states you need to cover the eggs after you take them off the heat and to let it sit for 20 minutes. I'm gonna try that tomorrow. Or, maybe just ask my mom how to do it. ha.

Also, I have been having this for breakfast this week. But, subbing the strawberries for raspberries. It is pretty tasty. I think I'm gonna try the chai one tomorrow with raspberries.
Doesn't that bowl look amazing? It was pretty tasty. I had never mixed greek yogurt with oatmeal before so the first bite was...different. Not bad, but not something I'd ever had before.

For dinner's I plan on making a stir fry a la few weeks ago tomorrow or Thursday. My mom cooked some chicken and veggies on Sunday that I had yesterday and tonight for dinner. So...not bad.

My goals for this week are to workout every weekday this week. My 5-week class is over so I only have my online classes left, which means all my mornings are free. So, my plan is to go to the fieldhouse and do weights Monday, Wednesday and Friday and then run Tuesday and Thursday. So far so good. Yesterday was biceps, pecs and calves and today I went on my usual route that's almost 2 miles.

I also need to make sure that I can push through the weekend without splurging. I did pretty good last weekend, so hopefully I can keep that up. I'll report back, as usual.

Also, can I just say that a dunkin donuts opened across the street from my work today and I did NOT go in. I was tempted and probably the only reason I didn't go in was because there was a line around the fracking corner.

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