Wednesday, November 4, 2009

if wishes were...bobbypins then i'd be rich

lately i can't help but have a few wishful thoughts in my head
such as:
i wish i had long hair, like, actual long hair. people always say, "you're hair is getting so long" and yes, it is longer than when it was 3 inches, but it's not very long in the grand scheme of hair lengths.
also, i wish i was a good photographer, that is a talent i really wish i had.
i wish i was just slightly older, wiser and somewhat richer (not to buy material things) so i could support myself. some part of me feels so held back by the fact that i still live at home. i can't wait till i can make my own meals, and actually enjoy making them for myself, and grocery shopping (that is a real fantasy of mine), or keeping my "own place" clean (it's as though it doesn't matter now whether my room is clean or not). And it's not like i couldn't make myself dinner at home now, but for some reason it's not the same. it's as though none of that can happen for me until i'm on my own. and my home is no longer my home, as if i'm waiting for an actual home to belong to and not just a house.
it's all very frustrating.

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