Wednesday, November 26, 2008

talk radio, sort of

Okay, so I am not one to listen to talk radio, at all. I would rather drive in silence. For some reason I just can't follow along, and for the most part I end up thinking whoever is talking is a complete moron. Maybe I just don't listen to the right people. Lately, however, I can not bring myself to listen to anything else in the mornings besides the X96 morning show. I used to plug in my ipod and not even think about the radio but for the past few weeks I have wanted nothing more than to hear the hilarious voices of Kerry, Bill and Gina. My favorite day to listen is on Thursdays when they have their "Ask A.." and they have someone new on each time and they interview them and listeners can call in and ask them questions. Some of my favorites include, "ask a homeless man", "ask an escort" and "ask a gas man".

I am completely converted. Today it was adorable. Richie (their young mormon producer(i think?)) was talking with them and told them how when he was a little kid he was really into coloring, and apparently still is, and that his Mom made him a coloring apron. She made slots for all 68 crayons. Then Bill proceeded to make fun of him.

Anyway, if you've ever been skeptical of talk radio you should just give them a listen. Their morning show is on from 6-9 every weekday. fm 96.3

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